Scope of support

Managed WordPress Hosting

Free domain

All plans include TLDs Worth up to £15/year. Renewals are charged at the standard price.

Setting up multiple sites

Yes you can set up as many sites as you like within the storage limit of your plan.

Free migration

  • You can request us to migrate your website from another provider to us. You will have to provide us your credentials or backup files.
  • Please note: We can not guarantee the results if your existing files are not clean and in working state.

Plugin updates

  • You must open a support ticket to request for plugin updates.
  • We will start updating your plugins within 24 hours. The process time depends on the amount of plugins.
  • We will not be responsible for any kind of conflict during the plugin updates.
  • If we encounter a conflict after updating the plugin, we will rollback it’s update.
  • You can request unlimited plugin updates once a month.

Let's Encrypt and Premium SSL

  • You will have FREE Let’s Encrypt and Premium SSL depending on your Managed WordPress Hosting Plan.
  • We also provide a different range of SSL Certificates.
  • You can upgrade anytime by simply purchasing the SSL addon.

Daily Backup and Backup Restore

  • You can request to restore any backup i.e website files, database, plugin, images or other resources.
  • We can not guarantee the results if your files were not clean and in working state.
  • If your backup files are corrupt or not cleaned, you can request for development support by opening a ticket.

Premium CDN

  • We are partnered with Cloud Vendors for the CDN Services. You must open a support ticket to get the Premium CDN for your WordPress Website.
  • The Premium CDN is for 1 Website per plan with Unlimited Requests and 100GB Bandwidth. You can increase the limit by purchasing more CDN addons.

Cloudflare CDN and Integration

You can request us by opening a ticket to integrate your existing cloudflare account with WordPress Hosting/Site.

cPanel Control Panel

All our hosting plans include a separate cPanel Hosting Control Panel account.

What is 3-6 sec page speed guarantee?

Our “Speed Managed” plan aims to increase your site performance, page load times and PageSpeed scores! We are obsessed with speed; so you can be sure that your site will be in good hands. Improving your site’s speed will get you a better score on major speed testing services such as Google PageSpeedGTmetrixPingdomWebPageTest and will also improve your overall site’s usability. Our expert will manually perform following tasks to ensure 3-6 second page speed on a regular basis.
  • We guarantee 3-6 Seconds Page Speed results and 90%+ Pagespeed Score. It still depends on the first audit report by our developers and the structure of your website.
  • We may recommend you to make some content related changes on your website to achieve better speed results.
  • You will have to open a support ticket to get this service.

What does it mean by SEO plugin setup and managed?

There are different parts of SEO and plugins are one of them. SEO plugin helps to optimise your website for the search engine, with its content analysis feature it helps you to understand readability difficulty, keyword density, title, meta description, targeted keywords, and much more.

After initial setup you may request additional tasks by opening a support ticket.

In our “SEO Support” plan we will set up SEOpress pro plugin and optimise it on an on-going basis to ensure we take care of following tasks:

Thank you

We will go through your requirements in detail and reply you shortly.
Once you are happy to go ahead, we will send you a PayPal invoice.

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